1) What is Flixxo about?

2) In short, which are Flixxo ́s main contributions for the entertainment industry?

3) What is different in Flixxo from other VOD providers?

4) Which new technologies is Flixxo promoting to disrupt the entertainment industry?

5) Who are the founders of this disruptive new ecosystem that may force the whole entertainmentindustry to change video distribution and monetization rules?

6) please explain 3 changes that flixxo is introducing within the entertainment industry.

7) What will Flixxo do to prevent illegal piracy videos on the network?

8) How did Flixxo finance the startup?

9) When will Flixxo ́s platform start working?

10) What is the value of flixx? Where it can be traded?

11) How does Flixxo company earn money?